Body Solid EXM4000S Gym Review (2023)

Body Gym Reviews – Body Solid EXM4000S Overview

With a suggested retail price of $6,475.00, the Body Solid EXM 4000 S has the potential to be one of the most expensive triple-stack home gyms available on the market. Despite this, it has superb product features and complete innovation that give the highest comfort and resistance for an efficient muscle training. However, the premium price comes with these qualities. The EXM 4000S is the only piece of exercise equipment in its category that provides a comprehensive variety of lower and body training routines. These workouts are ideal for optimal muscle and strength growth, toning, endurance development, and overall body conditioning. This home gym design is not your typical entry-level home gym layout, and with to its optional calf press and leg press station, it allows for a total of four individuals to complete workout activities at the same time. Best pricing at AMA

You may position the EXM4000S so that it is flush against the wall, or you can put it in the center of the room for a more efficient and versatile motion range. Additionally, the Body Solid EXM4000S is one of the few triple-stack home gyms on the market that incorporates entirely mechanical seat power into its overall design. Because it has hydraulic seat adjustments, you can quickly alter the height of the seat without having to stop your exercise. This makes it much more convenient.

Body Gym Reviews – Body Solid EXM4000S Features

  • The weight stacks at the training stations each weigh 210 pounds of steel alloy, and there is one extra weight stack that is incorporated with the optional leg press station. This enables as many as four individuals to concurrently do workout routines at the same time.
  • The ‘kick assist’ system lever that comes standard on the Bench Press gives users the ability to do a full pre-stretch and gives them access to the entire range of motion available to them.
  • Automatic hydraulic seat pads adjustments
  • When carrying out workout programs in a sitting posture, it is convenient to have pop pin adjustments within easy reach.
  • Outstanding support for the lower lumbar region provided by the unique Body Solid Dura Firm pads.
  • Including the cover for the weight stack
  • A perfect pec station that also includes weight range restrictors.
  • 2″x4″ mainframe with a design that considerably cuts down on torsional flex.
  • The articulated handle design provides a comfortable grip and a more authentic experience of working out with dumbbells.
  • Finish made of heavy-duty powder coat

Body Gym Reviews – Body Solid EXM4000S Conclusion

The Body Solid EXM 4000S triple stack home gym is without a doubt expensive, but it is money well spent considering all of the features and cutting-edge design it offers. The balancing technology of the Body Solid home gym, which was designed to ensure smooth workout motion, actually floated on this home gym without making any of the exercises more difficult, even if the degree of resistance remained the same. You should try to do as many repetitions as you are capable of without putting too much effort on yourself.

The straightforward construction of the Body Solid EXM 4000S makes it one of the most impressive aspects of this product. When compared to other home gyms, this one is pretty simple to put up, and its instruction manual is similarly straightforward and simple to grasp and use. And the assembly of this equipment for a triple stack home gym takes far less time than it does for other single stack home gyms, which may take anywhere from four to eight hours to completely install depending on the complexity of the design. And to make things even better, Body Solid provides a lifetime warranty for the EXM 4000S, which is far more of a guarantee than the money you are spending for it. Best pricing at AMA

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