Body Solid G10B Home Gym Review (2023)

Best Home Gym Reviews – Body Solid G10B Overview

One of the first pieces of home gym equipment to have Bi-Angular Technology was the Body Solid G10B Bi-Angular home gym, which was one of the first to debut the technology. The Bi-Angular Press Arm offers precise guiding with a maximum range of motion while at the same time providing suitable resistance from both directions. This is made possible by the arm’s unique design. Muscle engagement is increased by as much as twenty-five percent thanks to the simple and natural multi-directional resistance. Because of this, the workout program becomes more strenuous, which ultimately leads to better outcomes. You have the ability to change the Bi-Angular Arms, providing you a variety of beginning positions for exercises like as the incline press, chest press, and shoulder press, amongst others. Body Solid’s G10B Bi-Angular home gym is equipped with a plethora of outstanding features that are made possible by the cutting-edge technology that is standard for all Body Solid home gym equipment. 37% disoucnt at AMA

The G10B Bi-Angular home gym from Body Solid provides a very varied workout program thanks to its extensive repertoire of over fifty distinct exercises. Additionally, this is incorporated with the unique Perfect Pec Station that Body Solid offers. Users are able to conduct bilateral and unilateral motions for an optimal pre-stretch, which ultimately results in great muscle toning and superb upper body growth thanks to the swivel arms, which give a more flexible range of motion. The Leg Extension and Seated Leg Curl station has interchangeable cams built in so that it can precisely adapt to the training program of each individual user.

Best Home Gym Reviews – Body Solid G10B Features

  • Lateral Pull Downs integrated with Mid, High and Low Pulleys
  • Seated Leg Curl Station
  • Leg Extension Station with changeable cams
  • Standing Bicep Curls
  • Weight Resistance Crunches

The majority of the home gym equipment offered by Body Solid is famous for having a distinctive lumbar support system built into the Dura Firm cushioning. In addition to that, this offers a secure and comfy exercise experience thanks to the inclusion of two hundred ten pounds worth of alloy steel weight stacks.

Product Characteristics That Stand Out:

  • Bi-Angular Motion Chest Press
  • Lateral Pull down
  • High Pulley
  • Seated Row
  • Low Pulley
  • Leg Curl
  • Leg Extension
  • Ab Crunch
  • Mid Pulley Station
  • Body Solid’s exclusive Perfect Pec Fly Station
  • Weight Stack Cover for safety and easy maintenance
  • Ergonomically Designed Lumbar Support Pads
  • Body Solid’s exclusive Dura Firm Upholstery

Best Home Gym Reviews – Body Solid G10B Conclusion

It is essential to keep in mind that the Body Solid G10B is a fairly sizable home gym, and that putting it together is not a task for someone who lacks patience because there are so many components that need to be matched and compared. This is one of the key features that must be taken into consideration. It is also rather heavy, and because of this, it is not advised that it be put up on a structure that is prone to shaking, particularly on the second story of the home where there is wood flooring. It is possible for the overall weight to exceed nine hundred and forty one pounds, which means that it weighs very close to half a ton. It is possible for the total weight to double when there are two people using the home gym at the same time, which poses a significant danger for those who live in structures that are not very solid. On the other hand, the G10B is a multifunctional gym that offers exceptional training routines for those who are interested in fat burning and muscle toning. This is a positive aspect of the facility. 37% disoucnt at AMA

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