Body Solid Iso-Flex Home Gym Review (2023)

Best Home Gym Reviews – Body Solid Iso-Flex Overview

The Body Solid ISO Flex or the Body Solid G4I is one of the home gym designs that is now available on the market that offers the greatest degree of versatility. This home gym has one of the most unique and extensive sets of workouts for working out thanks to the three-dimensional, independent ISO Flex Press Arms. Users are able to effortlessly work on the targeted muscles as well as the stabilizer muscles thanks to the independence of the unconstrained 3D motion arms. This results in a clearly defined and more natural development of the muscles. You receive a home gym that is state of the art, extremely inventive, and multi functional when you pay the suggested retail price of $2,035.00. AMA is offering a discount of 29%.

The moving Dual Pulley lateral station is what makes the Body Solid Iso Flex a unique piece of exercise equipment. Users have the option of doing conventional and fundamental lateral pulls at the Dual Pulley lateral station, or they may choose to use the integrated separate cable handles and incorporate crossover and diverging motions with their lateral exercise. Additionally, this is equipped with a Mid Row Station that has exceptional chest support thanks to the proprietary adjustable Dura Firm back cushion and separate press arms that are offered by Body Solid. This is so that adequate support and stability can be provided for isolating the middle and lower lats, allowing for a far more focused exercise. In addition to being self-aligning, the cuffed leg enhancer is capable of providing the highest possible level of comfort throughout routines designed to build the quadriceps and hamstrings. The Iso Flex Home Gym from Body Solid is a very diversified and multifunctional exercise station that eliminates the clutter of standard gym equipment like dumbbells. This new invention from Body Solid aims to improve the range of motion by bringing a new innovation to the market.

Best Home Gym Reviews – Body Solid Iso-Flex Features

  • Iso Flex 3D Press Arms are a product that are now awaiting a patent and enable customers to fully define all pectoral fly training routines and press workouts by utilizing their own path of motion. Since of the way it is designed, this piece of home gym equipment is a game-changer because it enables for the most effective development of both the major and secondary muscle groups.
  • Pivoting Dual Lateral Pull Down Station is ideal for achieving a limitless range of motion via the use of converging, diverging, unilateral, and bilateral motions. With the exception of the Body Solid Iso Flex Home Gym, it is not very common to find a home gym that is combined with this limitless motion range.
  • Integrated Leg Enhancer Station with Body Solid’s exclusive Smooth Glide Bearing System.
  • Dura Firm Pads of industrial quality and high density, designed with an ergonomic shape to provide lumbar support for maximum comfort.
  • There is no cable switching system.
  • Steel aircraft cables with a tensile strength of two thousand pounds that are of military quality and have pivoting ends for a design that is more heavy duty and requires less maintenance.
  • During your exercise, the gas-assisted adjustable seat will allow for a faster and smoother seat adjustment.
  • Its steel ball bearings are incorporated into its 4.5-inch nylon pulleys, which have been strengthened with fiberglass to increase the pulley system’s resistance to impact.
  • powder coat finish designed for heavy-duty use.

Best Home Gym Reviews – Body Solid Iso-Flex Conclusion

The Body Solid Iso Flex Home Gym is loaded with features and has excellent product specifications, but some customers have complained about the 160-pound selectorized weight stack, claiming that it is too small for the price it costs, especially considering that the 210-pound weight stack is an add-on that can be purchased separately. Given its price point of more than two thousand dollars, the Iso Flex ought to have come with the 210-pound weight stack as standard equipment. AMA is offering a discount of 29%.

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