BodyCraft Galena Home Gym Review (2022)

Best Home Gym Reviews – BodyCraft Galena Overview

The Body Craft Galena Pro home gym features a tiny form that makes it one of the top space savers among other products in its category. This design allows it to simply fit into any corner of the room. When compared to the conventional layout of home gyms, the space-saving elements included into the BodyCraft Galena Pro design stand out as particularly noteworthy. This piece of home gym equipment is fully equipped with a chest press, as well as a station for abdominal crunches, leg curls, lateral pull downs, and a low pulley station. Additionally, it has a dual function Pec Dec. And although the leg press is not required, the entire design of the Galena is geared on building all of the major muscle groups in a very short amount of time. There is no other piece of home gym equipment that gives a comprehensive workout gadget that is worth the money you spend than the Galena Stack Guard, which can be purchased alone for $120 or the added Galena Leg Press Option, which costs an additional $400. Examine the feedback at the AMA.

Best Home Gym Reviews – BodyCraft Galena Features

  • Because it is constructed out of industrial-grade steel tubing and a seven-by-nine strand, the durable design of the BodyCraft Galena Pro is made to endure a lifetime.
  • In line with other home gyms in its category, the Galena Pro makes use of steel aviation cable with a tensile strength of two thousand pounds. The nylon pulleys have been strengthened with fiberglass, and the bearings have been sealed to provide additional durability while reducing the amount of maintenance required.
  • It is believed that the Galena Dual Function Pec Dec is the only design of a Pec Dec that is capable of providing conventional flys in addition to dumbbell flys. The traditional version of the fly exercise involves forcing the elbows onto the pads in order to complete the movement. On the other hand, in order to do dumbbell flys, you must first grasp the handles of the dumbbells and then swing them in an outward motion while keeping your chest at the same height. Finally, you must push forward and together. This is also meant to be used for rear delt fly exercises.
  • The Galena Pro’s range of motion can also be readily changed to accommodate users of varying sizes. This allows the device to be used by a wide variety of people.
  • The optional leg press has been designed to fit the general development of the legs while offering the highest possible level of comfort. Foot plates provide a resistance that is about equivalent to three hundred pounds and may be adjusted with relative ease.
  • Seat and backrest are both fully adjustable to provide a more comfortable exercise. In addition to this, the seat is constructed out of high-density foam that has been ergonomically shaped to provide lumbar support and prevent the muscles in the lower back from being too stressed.
  • The low pulley station of Galena Pro is also extremely easy to use and provides a generous amount of room for doing a variety of exercises. Some of these exercises include low rows, leg kicks, deltoids lifts, and arm curls. The bench press station has an adjustable starting point as an additional incorporated feature. This function is especially helpful in situations when many individuals utilize the home gym at the same time. At the bench press station, you may do a variety of workouts, including the incline press, shoulder press, mid row seat, and classic bench press.

Best Home Gym Reviews – BodyCraft Galena Conclusion

But even with all of these great features and product specifications, one of the most impressive aspects of the BodyCraft Galena Pro is the fact that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Body Craft will replace any damaged component and make potential repairs for as long as you own the home gym since the Galena Pro is constructed out of high-quality materials and is meant to last. Examine the feedback at the AMA.

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