BodyCraft K2 Home Gym Review (2023)

Best Home Gyme Reviews – BodyCraft K2 Overview

One of the most sophisticated pieces of home gym equipment that BodyCraft offers, known as the K2, the K2 makes use of a weight stack system that is designed to accommodate numerous users at the same time. Aside from the fact that this home gym is one of the first home gyms to merge two different bench press systems into a single piece of home gym equipment, the general design of this home gym makes it an excellent choice for placing against a wall or in a corner. In addition, due to the fact that this was developed with numerous users in mind, the general architecture of K2 enables faster transitions and changes for each individual user. The shoulder press, incline press, decline press, and flat press may all be performed very well on the horizontal bench. Squat exercises may also be performed without difficulty if it is simply removed. The wonderful feature about K2 is that the resistance for squats and presses can have their resistance changed quickly from two hundred to three hundred pounds by using the Turbo Boost Feature, which is unique to the Body Craft range of home gyms. Best pricing at AMA

K2’s workbench is equipped with bearings in the form of pillow blocks. In addition, the K2 has “straight to the stack cabling,” which helps to ensure a seamless operation. In addition, the cable arms may be adjusted to fit any dumbbell activity, which includes lifestyle and rehab training in addition to other sports-specific workout routines. The K2 is one of the most adaptable home gyms that Body Craft has ever brought to the market, with the exception of the Leg Press Attachment, which may be purchased separately. Because there are two weight stacks of 205 pounds each, it is simple for two users to carry out their own training regimens at the same time.

Best Home Gyme Reviews – BodyCraft K2 Features

  • The Press/Row/Squat Arm was developed to permit safe and productive machine-style incline, decline, shoulder, and bench presses, and it is also ideal for leveraged rows and squats. Its primary goal was to improve user experience.
  • The incline, decline, and flat bench station can handle all of the fundamental angles, and the bench can be simply removed so that squat exercises may be performed.
  • With the special doubling-up function, you can do squats and presses of up to 400 pounds utilizing only 200 pounds of weight from the weight stack. This feature is ideal for a one-to-two ratio.
  • Dips may be performed on the Press Arm because of its durability and level of solidity. It is also very simple to fold up and store out of the way for activities using dumbbells.
  • The Functional Training and Cable Arms both have a high degree of adjustability, allowing for more than a hundred distinct workout options. The Body Craft K2 Gym allows for the performance of each and every dumbbell exercise imaginable. In addition to that, there is an exercise chart that has been fixed in a convenient location on the plates.
  • The K2 home gym provides not only a full station for doing Functional Training exercises but also Sports Specific Training activities.

Accessories for the Product:

A straight bar, ankle strap, lat bar, hand grips, and an abdominal strap are all included with the purchase of a Body Craft K2 Home Gym.

Best Home Gyme Reviews – BodyCraft K2 Conclusion

The Body Craft K2 is well worth the money, despite having a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $3999 and an extra cost of $700 for the optional K2 Leg Press. K2 home gym is the only home gym on the market that is able to provide home gym equipment that is not only more complete but also more multifunctional and state of the art. Best pricing at AMA

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