Durable Body Solid EXM2500S Review 2023 (Best Weight Stack)

Features of the Body Solid EXM2500S

  • A weight stack of 210 pounds (95.25 kilograms), with increments of 10 pounds
  • Steel structure that is quite durable
  • Stations for doing the Chest Press, the Pec Deck, as well as High, Mid, and Low Pulley Exercises
  • Leg Extension/Curl Station with a Limited Warranty Good for Lifetime Use
  • body solid exm2500s

Everywhere you look, there are iron bars, pulleys, and pivots.

Review of the Body Solid EXM2500S

Because cost is, ultimately, the most important aspect to consider, we will start this assessment the same way we have all of the others: by analyzing the pricing.

When this article was being written, we discovered that the Body Solid EXM2500S was being offered for sale for a price that was just a hair under $1250 (£814.22). When it comes to home gyms, I believe we can both agree that the pricing is about equivalent to the industry standard for the middle of the pack.

If you have read any of our reviews in the past, you may have seen that we have already evaluated a model that is less expensive than this one (to read the review on the Body Solid EXM1500s click here)

It really performed quite well, and we awarded it a respectable 4.2 out of 5 for its performance. In fact, the only reason it did not do even better was because some of the features were a bit on the weak side for our taste. Let’s check to see whether its older sibling has addressed these problems and improved its ability to reach closer to the top grades.


Let’s cut to the chase and talk about the important stuff first: how is the construction of the Body Solid EXM2500S different from that of the EXM1500s? To begin, it is no longer a frame that is vertically oriented from top to bottom with right angles and straight edges. This is a whole other kettle of fish entirely. It is now oriented in such a way that it tapers inwards; as a result, the bottom has a much greater footprint than the top, which contributes to an increase in stability.

Everything, in general, is just a little bit meatier and more substantial. Interestingly enough, though, you could discover that the Body Solid EXM2500S is more suitable for areas with a restricted amount of vertical space. This is due to the fact that the top bar is tilted in such a way that it slopes downhill rather than being exactly horizontal. Although this may not be a problem for many people, it is virtually inevitable that someone, somewhere will have something obstructing the route, such as a garage door. Although this may not be an issue for many people, it is almost certain that somebody, somewhere will have something blocking the way.

According to the website for Body Solid, the components that were used include high-tensile strength steel that measures 2 inches by 4 inches by 12 gauges, larger hardware, test cables rated at 2200 pounds, and fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys. It is clear that a significant amount of work has been put into making this piece of equipment very durable.

210lb Weight Stack

When compared to the EXM1500S, which featured a weight stack of 160 pounds, the Body Solid EXM2500S has been upgraded to include a stack that weighs 210 pounds. Although a weight difference of 50 pounds may not seem to be all that significant, in reality, it can have a significant impact. Think about the fact that if you use a weight stack that is fixed, you won’t be able to add additional weight to it at a later period when you start becoming strong enough to use the complete stack for a certain activity. You are going to achieve the maximum a lot faster if it is 160 pounds rather than 210 pounds, and the last thing you want is for it to get to a level where it no longer satisfies your needs after you have spent a substantial amount of money on a home gym. If anything, you should look into purchasing one that is far larger than what you need at the moment so that you will have space for expansion in the years to come. A home gym is an investment, as we mention in many of our reviews; but, if you do it well, it should be an investment that you will only ever need to make once in your whole life.

It is something that we would want to bring to your attention because having a weight stack that is this enormous and that increases in increments of 10 pounds is something that is not very common. This was fantastic, and we have no doubt that many of you have previously been in a scenario similar to this one: you have been steadily increasing weight week after week, but now you have reached a plateau. You are unable to handle the subsequent increase in weight since it is just too much for you. The smaller the increments that you are able to choose, the smaller the leap that you will need to make. This is an excellent way to prevent progress from leveling out and to keep moving forward.

Chest Press Station

Although Body Solid claims that the chest press station on the EXM2500s is “bio-mechanically designed for maximum chest concentration and rapid muscle development,” in reality, it’s just like any other chest press. The chest press station on the EXM1500s was the same as the chest press station on the EXM2500s.

But please don’t misunderstand us; it is not a negative thing at all. It does its function very well, and the option of either horizontal handles (for your standard overhead grip) or vertical handles (for your hammer type grip) offers a great diversity in the way the tool may be held in your hand.

The chest press arms of the Body Solid EXM2500S connect above the head, but on the Body Solid EXM1500S they joined beneath the seat. This is one criticism of the Body Solid EXM2500S. There is a possibility that there may not be a lot of space for persons who are taller than average, but for the vast majority of people it will be quite enough.

Pec Deck Station

Since was to be expected from Body Solid, they have included a pec deck in their upgraded EXM2500S machine, as this was a feature that the EXM1500S just did not have. The majority of home gyms in the price range considered to be “middle of the road” come equipped with this capability.

The chest press station and the pec deck station are physically and completely independent from one another. This provides you with a lot of space to work out in and ensures that nothing will come in the way of either activity.

The fact that Body Solid refers to it as a “pec deck” at all is confusing to us since, in our view, it is really simply a variation of the flye exercise. This is entirely dependent on the handles and the position of the arms at the present time. On a real pec deck, your upper arms, from your elbows all the way up to your wrists, will be supported by pads in a vertical position. Because of this, your shoulders are forced to rotate outward, which also causes your chest to expand. Therefore, the majority of the strain will be given to the muscle fibers located on the inside of your chest. On the other hand, while performing a fly action in which you grab vertical handles, you should keep your in a neutral posture so that the anterior head of the deltoid may become included into the movement. This will move tension away from the center of your chest and throughout your whole chest, as well as your shoulders.

The Body Solid EXM2500S, as can be seen in the accompanying image, is equipped with vertical handles rather than pads; nonetheless, there are a lot of other things to discuss outside the name of the product.

One feature of the “pec deck” that was appealing to us was the presence of two handles on each side. When you conduct your flys, you have the option of using either a high or low grip thanks to this. A lower hold will train the chest as a whole, whereas a higher grasp will focus more on working the upper part of the chest.

High, Mid and Low Pulley Stations

It would make more sense to discuss all of these things together in this circumstance as opposed to addressing each of them individually. On the other side of the EXM2500S from the chest press is where you’ll find the high pulley station. The low and mid pulley stations are located on the pec deck side of the machine.

In the same way as the EXM1500S did, the high pulley features a leg support connected to the bottom of the back rest. This leg support can be extended outwards so that it keeps you seated on the machine while you work on lat pull-downs and other exercises that involve vertical pulling. You have the opportunity, just as you do with other types of cable machines, to utilize a variety of handles and attachments (which are not included) to do a variety of exercises.

Usage the strap attachments that come with the Bodysolid EXM2500S to conduct weight cable crunches to really add some resistance to your core workouts. The primary use of the Mid pulley is for mid row type exercises. You can also use the strap attachments to execute mid row type exercises. Please visit MuscleAndFitness.com for a more in-depth explanation of this fantastic workout, which we strongly suggest you try out. For more information, go here. The traditional sit-up and crunch exercises release strain once you reach a specific angle, but the cable crunch maintains tension on the abdominal muscles the whole time, making it a far more effective form of abdominal exercise.

In our assessments of the EXM1500S, the Low pulley, or more specifically the foot plate, was the part that received the most criticism from us. While the mechanism itself has not changed, we are pleased to inform you that the flimsy foot-plate has been eliminated from the Body Solid EXM2500S. Instead, you now utilize a component of the sturdy steel construction, which serves as a basis that is both more stable and more helpful.

Leg Extension/Curl Station

You simply get a padded bar that either moves in a downward move when you are leg curling and contracting the hamstrings or in an upward move when you are doing leg extensions and contracting the quadriceps. This station remains the same as the leg extension and leg curl station found in the vast majority of other home gyms available on the market today. The function is beneficial, and the utilization of a 210-pound stack for the two movements is more than you are likely to ever need.

The only thing that is lacking from this complete arrangement is a leg press station of some kind, but purchasing one at this price point may be a stretch for some people.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

You will be protected against breakages on pads, pulleys, and cables for as long as you keep the Body Solid EXM2500S since it comes with a limited lifetime guarantee, just like all other Body Solid products. This warranty covers the duration of your ownership. This guarantee will provide you peace of mind and is a clear indication that Body Solid believes in their goods, which means that you should as well.

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Body Solid Strength Tech EXM2500S Review

  • Build Quality
  • Vale for Money
  • Variety of Features

Has the Body Solid EXM2500S improved on the EXM1500S

Yes, that has been the case for the most part. It is wonderful that the whole construction of the EXM2500S has been made much more solidly, and it is also wonderful that a few additional good features have been incorporated, such as the ‘pec deck.’
On the fitness floor, everything operates just as it should, and there is sufficient room all around each station.
There is a great deal of flexibility in the exercises that you are able to undertake, and the 210-pound weight stack ought to be more than sufficient for the overwhelming majority of people who frequent fitness centers.
The fact that it does not have a leg press station is the only thing that is somewhat disappointing about it, but in all honesty, it is simply something that would have been good to have.
In general, it is a sturdy piece of equipment that, if properly installed in a home gym, would perform very well.

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