Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Home Gym Review (2023)

Best Home Gyme Reviews – Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Overview:

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings is essentially an entry level design of Marcy Diamond home gym equipment. This design enables customers to complete all fundamental exercises using a single piece of equipment, which saves space in the gym. The fact that this utilizes linear bearings in its carriage in addition to having a smooth pulley system is an intriguing aspect about it. This piece of home gym equipment costs around $800 and has a seven-degree carriage with several catch points and attachments, allowing users to execute cable workouts in a variety of ways. In addition to it, a bench and a leg developer are included into the design. Examine the feedback at the AMA.

Best Home Gyme Reviews – Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Features:

  • Dowels for storing plates of the Olympic size six in total
  • Double action leg developer
  • 8 places bar adjustment stops
  • The maximum weight allowed on the rack is 600 pounds.
  • Bench With Multiple Functions (inclusive of preacher pad)
  • Stations for curling and rowing
  • A guarantee of two years on the components

Accessories for the Product

  • Lateral bar Shiver bar
  • Ankle strap
  • Triceps rope V-bar (chromed)
  • Single handle

Best Home Gyme Reviews – Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Conclusion:

The majority of this gym’s features and product specifications are worth your money, despite the fact that the weights for it are offered separately. This is one of the few home gyms that makes use of linear bearings, which allow for comfortable weight lifting on the bench and provide a smooth distribution of the exercise machine’s weights. In comparison to other kinds of home gyms on the market that still utilize bushings, the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System benefits greatly from a spectacular improvement that replaces bushings. As a result, the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System runs much more smoothly and is far more robust. In addition to that, it features a nylon pulley with a diameter of three quarters of an inch, a ball bearing that has been hermetically sealed, and a steel aviation cable with a tensile strength of two thousand pounds. The sturdy industrial quality tubular steel frame is angled at seven degrees, and it has a bar made of industrial grade material that is equipped with safety stops. The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System is sold with all of the necessary basic attachments already included, such as a preacher curl pad and leg developer that are built into a multi-function bench.

The directions are the only thing that are a drawback to this. If you are unable to have the home gym sent to you already built, it may take you several hours (or, in the worst case scenario, up to eight hours) to properly assemble the equipment. This is especially the case if you do not have someone to help you in the process. You have to match various components, and since there are no labels on about one hundred distinct components, it will undoubtedly take you a couple of hours simply to figure out what each component is.

The sole saving grace is that every component is distinctive from every other component; hence, it will not be difficult to match the piece; nevertheless, separating it from a hundred other components is a completely different story. There are some home gyms that have already been pre-assembled before being packaged, so all you have to do is locate the bolts and study the schematic to have a completely functional home gym in only a few of hours. However, if the makers of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System had been able to incorporate labels in each component, the process as a whole might have been simplified significantly.

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System is, with the exception of the instructions, an excellent value for the money and well worth the time it takes to put together, even if the process typically takes about eight hours. Examine the feedback at the AMA.

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